Duplicate appleTV

Hello there,

I was wondering if it would be possible to duplicate multiple AppleTV’s.

For a project i’m going to use around 30 ATV2’s with a jailbrake and XBMC.
I jailbraked 1 ATV2 with Seas0npass and installed XBMC on it and many other plugins and settings.

Now i would like to duplicate this one ATV2 to the 29 others to do exactly the same as the first one.

What would be my best option to do this ?

Thanks in advance for your help!

What could you possibly be doing that you need 30 aTVs. Anyways you will need to jailbreak each one individually. Then you could SFTP the files however on the aTV there are short cuts created and they don’t backup and could cause problems…

Why not have a group of friends do it with you. Would make it a lot easier.

I need this for a large event with 30 LCD’s. They each need to play different video’s at different times.

I upload my video to the ATV2 (each one is around 3 GB), and install XBMC.
At power up, XBMC will start, and starts looping the video file and do some scripts in the background (start video at a specified time).

I don’t belive there is a cheaper solotion for this ;)  

I could just copy the XBMC settings, but it would be much easyer if i could copy the jailbrake and all the settings.