dumb question: Is there an email list for updates



Is there a place where one can sign up to receive product update news? I don’t want to have to check everyday the site to see if ATV flash is available for ATV3s


Sorry couldn’t find it offhand, please don’t pelt me too much with tomatoes :P



:slight_smile: nice one:)


you will get auto newsletter to your mailbox.

tomatoes:))) lol :))

Soo off to purchase I am :slight_smile: even though I can’t use it just yet :slight_smile: since i only have an ATV3




I have an atv3 as well, would be great to be notified when something is out for it.

As long as you’re registered on our site you will receive an email once the new version is available.

If you prefer not to receive these emails you can unsubscribe using the link in the footer of any of these newsletters.

Awesome! Thanks.