Dull Colours on 4K Content on ATV 4K

Downloaded a couple of 4K titles but the colours are very dull. Is that a HDR issue with Infuse at the moment?

Yes, HDR support is currently in the works for 5.5.6. :slight_smile:

I find that if a 4K title is BT.2020 colour gamut (eg from VISIONPLUSHDR) it will always have dull colours while titles in BT.709 will be fine. I suspect my LG OLED doesn’t like that colorspace. My solution is to avoid 2020 titles.

To check the colorspace medainfo (MediaInfo - Download) is very useful

HDR titles use the BT.2020 color space.
So, if I understand well what James says, they should work in Infise.s next version 5.5.6.

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Great news!