Dual AppleTv with ATV flash on the same network-HDD Mounting

I have installed ATV flash on 2 Apple tv’s at my place. I have connected 1 TB Hard Drive through USB on the first Apple TV. I have stored all my media files on this 1TB HDD. I want to acess these media files through the second Apple Tv by mounting the HDD of the first Apple Tv. I hav entered all the information on manual mount but it does not connects and gives the following error:
Network Mount Failed!
mount_smbfs:negotiate phase failed:
syserr=Connection refused
Re-directed to Network facade in 10 seconds (menu will also exit)

Anybody has tried this. Why this error is coming. Please help.

¿Did you find a solution for the dual apple tv problem? I also have the exact same problem. thanks

Unfortunately it is not possible for the AppleTV to access one another in this manner.

Your best option would be to share the external drive on the network through a router or Mac/PC and point both AppleTV units to access the drive across the network. This will allow you to store your media in a single location, but access it from multiple sources.

Yes finally i had to settle with this. I have stored all the contents on my 1 TB HDD connected to my Airport extreme. I have mounted this drive manually on both the Apple TV. It works seamlessly. I have tried watching the same movie simultaneously on both the ATV and it works perfectly. I have been copying files while watching movies and haven’t come across jerks in the movies.

The best option is to use Sapphire menu for watching the movies etc. Just import all data and enjoy the beautiful and meaning full menus of Sapphire.

The only thing which it is lacking is the parental control. That’s a must…need urgent solution for it.