DTS or DOLBY 5.1 not playing

I have a Apple TV 4 and using it since day one with Infuse, I have some DVD’s I own om my personal NAS together with all my home movies. It’s only for private use, and from day one I could listen to a music DVD or watch a movie an the sound is DTS or Dolby Surround.

Never any problems (only with 24bit but that’s a Apple issue), yesterday we want to watch a movie and it had DTS. I have my sound settings on passthrough as I always had. I also have the ‘Reduce Loud Sounds’ disabled an the option Best Quality Available selected.

But the only thing I’m hearing by now is not a DTS sound, try to watch it using Dolby Surround and again not the sound I wanted but a loud beeping noise. Until I switch the sound to Auto It works, this I had never done it always worked on passthrough.

Is there anything changed in the Infuse app, I didn’t change anything only Apple TV.

I have the same issue with some DTS tracks. However, setting to auto will give you better audio overall.

I already found my solution, reset my Onkyo TX-NR525 receiver and did a sound calibration, after that everything works again.

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