DTS-HD passthrough not working

I have been trying to get DTS-HD passthrough to work. My set-up is a Apple TV 4 HDMI into an Arcam AVR750 and then HDMI into my a Sony Bravia. All I get is DTS-MA Matrix, which means that it is recoding it and also outputting it at 1536 bitrate rather than more than double that.

Anyone know how to change this? The reason I bought infuse was to use the DTS-HD function.

Infuse’s marketing is misleading – it doesn’t actually support DTS-HD fully. It “supports” it in the sense that if you try to play a DTS-HD audio track with Infuse, you will get audio, but what you’ll be getting is the lossy DTS Core contained within every DTS-HD track.

If that is true then I shall be contacting them for a refund and complaining to Apple - this is the only reason I bought it.

I have been testing Infuse Pro atv4 and my Yamaha rx-v577 with some dts-hd lossless test files I downloaded from the net today.

When I play the test files my receiver reports it’s playing DTS format.

Interesting enough when I play the same test files with Plex the receiver reports it as playing PCM but plex recognizes it as DTS 5.1

Everything sounds the same tho.

It should display dts-hd - is it doing that? If not it will just be DTS which is far inferior.

It is just showing DTS.

However, since I posted the info I found and read the very long. ‘sticky’ thread on the subject and now understand why. Infuse DOES NOT currently support DTS-HD even though it says it does. They are working on the problem.

I am now curious why the Yamaha reports different audio formats when the same file is played on Plex and Infuse.

Here’s what happens in both Infuse and Plex when you play a file with a DTS (or DTS-HD) audio track:

  • In Infuse, if you have DTS passthrough turned on, the DTS track (or DTS core extracted from DTS-HD) is sent to your receiver, which decodes it. If you don't have DTS passthrough turned on, it's decoded by Infuse to stereo.
  • In Plex, a DTS/DTS-HD track will be transcoded on your Plex Media Server to AC3 (Dolby Digital), which is then sent to the Plex client on the Apple TV. Unlike Infuse, the Plex client uses the native playback API of the Apple TV, so AC3 is about the best it can support. Then, depending on the system audio settings of your Apple TV, this AC3 audio will either be passed through to your receiver, or decoded on the Apple TV and sent to your receiver in uncompressed PCM form. (I believe the latter is the default.)

So, from the same file, by default your receiver will get DTS from Infuse, and PCM from Plex.

Which sticky thread? The one on DTS or another? Without a forum search feature its pretty hard to find stuff.

Seems Apple are doing automatic refunds for this problem. I don’t understand how someone can advertise something and it does not contain the actual thing it advertises!

Thanks for the explanation. Now I get it. I was thrown from the other posts in the DTS sticky thread when people were saying DTS-HD was working in plex.

Now I can see many people are confused between actual supporting and transcoding as I was.

I have to assume the Infuse Dev team is actually trying to get the DTS-HD fixed. If not, they really should remove that they support it in their app marketing. A official statement would be great. Are they going to support DTS-HD 100% or is it just going to be the DTS core in the DTS-HD that is supported?

However I can see it’s going to be a big problem if they have to admit it can’t be done.

The marketing should be clarified, but to be fair to FireCore, it’s not totally unreasonable to claim support for an audio/video format if you can hand Infuse that particular format, and something intelligible comes out. This is probably related to Infuse’s origins as an iOS app – if you’re trying to watch a video with a DTS-HD audio track on your phone, you’re not going to be too fussy about what’s actually happening – you just want some usable stereo audio to come out of your earbuds. Now that they’re on Apple TV, they’ve exposed themselves to the higher expectations of the home theatre environment (and of home theatre enthusiasts, specifically).

I’d be surprised if this could be classified as a bug to be fixed – I think it’s more likely a feature that was simply never implemented, as what they have could be considered good enough by many users. (Probably most users.) As such, I don’t really expect full DTS-HD support very soon (if ever, honestly), or for it to suddenly appear in the release notes for a minor bug-fix release. That’s also assuming there isn’t some limitation of the Apple TV platform itself that makes full DTS-HD support impossible.

I’d love to be proven wrong, of course.

Sorry but transcoding it really a standard feature of all these sorts of apps. Plex et al can send you out stereo or even surround from most codecs, that is nothing new. Placing a big DTS-HD symbol on your app store page and referencing it in the literature is plain deceptive. This is further reinforced by people who have been posting on here for a month or so and no-one from the company is even bothering to reply to state that this is an error, or a big fix or not possible. Just remove it and leave the DTS symbol and say elsewhere that DTS-HD is rendered as DTS, that would be fine and honest.

Yes, I agree that the marketing should be updated if they want to avoid disappointed customers.

Sorry for the confusion on this.

Infuse does not yet support TrueHD/DTS-HD passthrough, though we are working to support both in a future version. Unfortunately Apple provides limited control over what you can send over HDMI, so it will take somewhat of a creative solution (or a change on Apple’s part) in order to get these working. Currently, with the passthrough option enabled, Infuse will pass the normal 5.1 AC3/DTS audio to your receiver.

As a bit of background, Infuse is currently certified for TrueHD and DTS-HD, and on iOS this means down mixing this audio to something you can hear through the normal iPhone/iPad speakers or headphones. This is also done on the Apple TV (when the passthrough options are disabled) though ideally we’d like to pass these formats unchanged to your AV receiver.

Lastly, the description found in the Apple TV app is actually a carryover from the iOS version, and has been adjusted for the upcoming 4.0.3 version (until passthrough of these formats is available to avoid confusion).

Hope this helps.

Thanks James.

Quick question: Would it not be hypothetically possible for Infuse to decode DTS-HD/TrueHD in software, and then output it losslessly as LPCM? Or would that run into the same limited control you have over what you can send over HDMI? (Or is that a different licensing requirement?)

I don’t necessarily care whether it’s my receiver that’s doing the decoding, as long as it’s getting the full lossless audio.

That’s also one of the options we’re looking into as well.

Stay tuned. :wink:

Thanks James it is good to know you are changing the description. I do hope you can get it working, though sadly it sounds as though you’ll be rather dependent on Apple changing their protocols.

Honestly it’s a bit too early to say, but we’re hoping to dig into this more in the coming weeks as we work towards completing 4.1.

Up until now we’ve just had our hands full with wrapping up 4.0 for iOS, and 4.0.3 for Apple TV - both of which will be submitted to Apple this week.

There is some threads discussing the missing feature from ATV to pass through the original bit streams.
When having a home theater setup, to my opinion you do not want any other device decoding the streams than the receiver.
Especially when talking about new formats like Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X which include metadata inside of them.
Please put all your effort on true pass through!

What is the current status of this with v5? I don’t see anything was addressed or I could have missed it.