DTS-HD not working on Infuse

Hi all,

I tested a few mkv files with DTS-HD audio and in all the files the output is DTS only.

Is Infuse for ATV4 compatible with DTS-HD?



It’s my understanding that the licensed libraries in use by the application to handle DTS are capable of handling DTS-HD, but so far it is not working in the app (only the DTS core is passed in).

Same here, full DTS-HD support would be really nice. Only got DTS core passed in…

I’m also not able to get DTS-HD working. My file is DTS-HD and my receiver supports DTS-HD, but during playback only get DTS. Am I doing something wrong?

Dts-HD is the reason i bought the app. The advertising seems to be wrong or very much open for wrong interpretation because it does not pass through dts-hd.

I truely hope this functionality will be added really really soon.

Same here:(

DTS-HD MA (and Dolby TrueHD) will be sent from the Apple TV as LPCM (lossless) with the Infuse Audio Output option set to Auto.

A bit more info on the available audio options can be found here. Audio Options (tvOS) – Firecore

When I do as suggested ie. Set Infuse to Auto & Apple TV to best quality available, a DTS HD MA track shows up as LCM on the amp not LPCM.

Some receivers display it differently. As long as Infuse is set to Auto, and Apple TV set to Best Quality Available you will get the full 24-bit lossless audio.

I was hoping you were going to say that. Thanks :slight_smile: