DTS HD-MA on Apple TV 4k/Infuse pro 6

Good afternoon, I bought an apple tv 4k and subscribed to Infuse 6 Pro to replace an Egreat A10 box to enjoy Dolby vision. Everywhere I read that Apple Tv 4k with Infuse 6 PRO would have the same sound quality (DTS-HD MA and Dolby True HD). But when watching the same movie in the 2 boxes by Streaming NAS WDMyCloud with the same HDMI cable on the same port, I notice that the sound on Egreat is much more detailed and on my Onkyo TX-NR575 shows DTS-HD MA. While with Apple TV 4k the sound is not bad but comparing with Egreat seems muffled without detail. The picture quality is quite similar as the movies in question are not Dolby Vision, but the DTS HD-MA sound on apple Tv is a let down. Is this really a limitation of Apple Tv and will I have to return it and unsubscribe from infuse?

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I’m going to quote James below, but basically infuse decodes it to LPCM, so you may need to tweak your receiver settings to match it.

Try setting your receiver to Multich (Multichannel)
Mode suitable for playing sources recorded in multichannel PCM.

Maybe next time read something about hardware what you buy. Tip for free.

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Só you tell me the limitation is the hardware of Apple TV?

The setings on my receiver is Multichannel and i try Direct Mode is the same sound.

Looks right, but how does it sound?

apple tv 4k can’t passthrough audio signal from video files.

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That’s what I suspected.

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The settings on my receiver is Multichannel and i try Direct Mode is the same sound.

Direct mode this is wrong mode this is sound without calibration.

You talking about DTS sound give more db volume for atv and compare with Egreat.

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I Will try, but i dont think the sound Will be better…Louder perhaps.

Try this demo file

and remember set in onkyo mix format as multich or dts:x.

Bl4ck, thank you for your help.
I try this and others demos from the same page. In Apple TV is spetacular the image and sound. The onkyo is set at 40 on volume and multichannel pcm. But with Egreat the image is not so good(don’t have Dolby Vision) but the sound is very diferent, deepest and clearest sound than Apple Tv with same volume settings. Only when i set the volume to 50 the sound on Apple TV, with same file, sounds little better.

im sorry, im reading a lot of post here. and some people say, its hd master audio its no longer available since TvOS 13? is that true? I mean, I know my receiver don’t flag the “DTS HD MASTER AUDIO 7.1” but the quality is the same as multichannel? even on tvos13?I hope so. thanks

Infuse not support passthrough.

thanks, but That really doesn’t answer my question. I know, im using infuse since 4, and the first apple tv4. But it is known that the quality of these true hd 7.1 and dts master audio formats is the same if the signal is sent uncompressed by PCM. My question is whether this remains so or change something in tvos13

TvOS doesn’t touch anything. The codecs are licensed within the infuse app so it handles all the decoding. Dts-hd is still properly decided into PCM.

Perhaps your receiver is doing additional enhancements on top of the DTS-HD MA and Dolby True HD? As mentioned, Infuse will give you lossless audio as PCM which will be identical before any enhancements/EQs/Surround Upconversion/etc.

Only other think I can think of at this moment is that Dolby Atmos/DTS:X will not come accross PCM, so if Egreat is doing passthrough and can push those it might sound different.

The sound of a movie in my WDMyCloud with the egreat is a rich sound with presence, the same file with infuse on AT4k the sound is soft and flat compared withe great. I understand with netflix or +tv the band witch is limited, but files in my network should be passtrouth. Now i use both of players, the apple tv only for netflix and HBO and the egreat to play my ripped blu-ray’s.

As you mentioned earlier turning up volume makes it sound better? Perhaps this is the answer? For instance, I also turn up my volume at least 10db when switch from YouTube/Netflix to Infuse. I believe that Infuse is closer to reference and other apps have boosted audio. Infuse volume seems to match my blu-ray player.