DTS-HD MA and Dolby Digital TrueHD


Even though I have every setting I can see turned on, and am using Infuse 4 with the in-app upgrade to Infuse Pro 4, I am not getting DTS-HD MA or Dolby Digital True HD, passthrough only the DTS and DD cores are passing through. In addition, the Audio menu for my movies is not showing the HD Audio formats - for example for a movie with a DTS-HDMA and a DTS Core, it is showing two Core Tracks…

I have an Onkyo TX NR-5010 and the ATV is connected directly to the receiver.

Movies are backups of my Blurays, pulled into an MKV container with no transcoding.

Any ideas what i could be doing wrong? I have checked the files in Plex - and it identifies the file as having HD and core sound tracks.



I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong – this is the expected behavior of Infuse at this point. It doesn’t actually support HD audio formats, it only supports extracting and playing the lossy core from these tracks.

The description when you buy this app is misleading… It does’t play DTS-HD… Apparently it’s something they are looking into…

Ouch. Ok thanks, everyone.

I will mull my options. I was looking at Infuse as a replacement for the Plex player as as it uses the AppleTV native player - which is struggling with some specific direct stream H.264 AVC encodes backed up from certain blurays (there’s a thread over on the Plex forums - Roku and Xbox One native players are affected as well). When I saw the DTS-HD “support” as well as the fact it fixed my playback problems, I signed up straight away.

Now I am going to go back and use the Plex workaround instead which transcodes on the fly, instead of direct streaming as the Plex UI is much better for other users in my household… I’ll look into HD audio again later. It means that my server is going to use a bit more CPU and I may lose some picture quality, (and I may setup a additional transcoding system to take the load off the Plex server), but it might be a better option in the short term.