Dropping frames when playing videos on my external monitor with 4K resolutionon

I think I am encountering the same problem as here
My setup is MacBook Pro 16Inch (2019) working in clamshell mode with a 4K display. The display work in hidpi mode and the UI looks like 1920x1080.
Infuse version is 7.4.1(7.4.4160).

When playing video. I feel kind of lag, and it looks like it is dropping frames. Infuse on iPad
plays the same video just fine, even when the iPad connected to the same display(iPad Pro 11Inch, using type c to dp adapter the same as the Mac).

Turn off HIDPI seems to play better, but still laggy than iPad and Apple TV.

Same issue as tracked by multiple users here.

@James any updates here ? You guys are busy- get it - but seems like this issue has taken over a year of researching!