Dropped frame rates since 4.0.2 Update

Hey there,

Basically what the title says, I’ve been really happy with infuse so far, no problems until I updated to 4.0.2
Im seeing dropped frame rates (at a guess 15/20fps) on the few latest movies I’ve watched. It’ll be fine 50% of the time, but the rest of the time im getting this problem.

Im using the Apple TV and a WD My Cloud hardwired to a virgin super hub. Playing the movies from the My Cloud hardrive via wifi to my Mac then via airplay to apple tv plays fine, so the files themselves are fine.

Anyone else noticing this?

No one? Any possible solution?

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I’ve got the same setup (router is different but no issues so far with any other devices), and frame rate is slower than it was on my WD TV Live.
What’s more is any movie freezes indefinitely after ~5 minutes. If I play it in Infuse on my iPhone 6 (via WiFi from WDMC), and cast it onto the ATV, framerate is seemingly the same, but it does not freeze.