dropbox vs google drive

Same video.
Pretty well when playing from dropbox, however, it got stuck frequently when playing from google drive?
Any solutions?
Thanks : )

Just tried to switch DNS server or restart apple tv as suggested in other posts, but they didn’t work.

Are you using ATV flash on a second generation apple tv?

No. I am using 2ed apple tv without aTV flash.

Sorry. It is not the 2ed apple tv. It is apple tv 4k - -!

Not sure what to tell you, this forum is not real active and it is targeted toward running atv flash on a 2nd generation ATV.

Yeah. It is my fault. I had thought my 4k was 2nd generation. Could you please help me move this post to the new TV subforum? No worries if you cant. Thanks.

No problem, I’d guess that since one of the cloud drives works and the other stalls it’s not Infuse, it’s more likely an internet issue where one of the cloud drives doesn’t send as fast.