Dropbox Rclone & Synology expert?

Hey guys,

I have a Synology NAS. I’m using CloudSync but seems like they limit the speed with Dropbox. I didn’t have this problem with GD. After a day it’s still syncing only folders no files (650/5xxx).

I read about RClone. Since I have the NAS I wanted to install it on the NAS. The problem is that it require a browser during the SSH installation.

I tried some alternatives but can’t figure it out.

Have someone here has been able to get the token without the browser?

Thanks in advance.

If I recall you can also install Rclone on any PC/laptop that does have a browser and generate the token there.

Then simply copy and paste into ssh on the NAS.

But in the PC/Mac it open the browser and do it automatically. I was thinking to maybe copy the “drive” and paste it in the NAS. I’m doing research because I’m uploading 25TB to Dropbox and for some reason after a day it has been uploading only girders without the file. It’s taking too long. So my best option is to install it in the NAS since it’s always ON & the files are there.

After 7 hours of multiple tutorial I was able to “merge” them & make it work :fire:

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hello, I know that on qnap there is an alternative “hybridmount“, I do not know if it works well on the other hand, there may be an alternative on synalogy

Hybridmount: HybridMount | QNAP