Dropbox issue

So, I’m using dropbox as a repository for all of my files. I can login into dropbox but when I’m logged in infuse only shows about 5 of the folders in my dropbox account. None of which contain my files. So I currently cannot get infuse to see the folder with my files as its just not available, along with about 80% of the rest of the folders in my dropbox. Have done everything I can think of. Starting with disconnecting from dropbex then reconnecting. No change.

Changed the folder structure in dropbox and no change. Added new folders to dropbox, no change.

So I’m completely stuck here., Cant see the files so can’t access.

Would really appreciate some help


Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

From what you can tell, is there anything different about these folders? Are they your own folders? Are they shared/not shared?

Can you try updating to the 6.0.7 version to see if you notice any change?

Hey there, I’ve updated to the new version but no change. I am using dropbox pro. But all the folders are my own folders, they are not shared. I was using regular dropbox before, it may actually be the pro dropbox that’s causing the issue.

Thanks for following up.

It looks like we’re looking into a few similar reports of this. Would you be willing to install a version of Infuse via TestFlight that would allow us to gather a bit more info?

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Absolutely. Love the app so really just want to get it working

hi James

Any update for me on this?

We think we’ve tracked down the issue, and are working on a fix.

With any luck, we hope to have a beta with this fix available later this week, and I can ping you once it’s ready if you want to give it a try.

This has been resolved in today’s 6.1 update.

Please get in touch if you see any further issues. Thanks!

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