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Hi everybody.
We want to use Infuse 6 Pro on Apple TV 4K to display corporate videos. As we have our whole data management on Dropbox Business, we want to use a specific folder to feed with videos. Connection to Dropbox Business works (synched from iOS via iCloud snych). But the problem is, that Infuse 6 Pro only sees the personal user folder of the user, that logged in. But we want to use a Teamfolder to display.

Is there any possibility to solve this problem?

Thanks four your help.


Hi I am facing the exact same problem ! I wish that this functionality is added in the future so we can access the videos outside the personal user folder !

This is available in Infuse 6.4, which was released today.

Enjoy! :smiley:

Great! Thank you for the info. Just updated and it works well.

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