Dropbox Business account - Streaming stop working "an error occurred"


From today I can’t playback anything from my Dropbox Business account using Infuse.
It was working fine yesterday.

I get a message “An error occurred”. From the Apple TV app and iOS

  • I already deleted the dropbox connection and add it again
  • It can sync but it can’t playback

Technical details log - 63305

Is there’s anything I can do?


Your logs indicate this may be a temporary issue with Dropbox.

Can you give it a try today to see if the same thing is happening?

Hi James,

It seems my Dropbox business account got an error where I couldn’t create any links from any of my files.
I created a ticket support with Dropbox and they have fixed.

All is up and running.


ps: for future issues, user check if there’s anything wrong with your GSuite-Dropbox, etc… account.

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