DropBox and Play on my "Home Network"

Hi - just a quick questions about Infuse and libraries set up through DropBox.

If I am on my “home network” will Infuse stream videos in my DropBox from the “internet” or will it (could it) stream from a local device that contains my DropBox video library? … (like the LAN sync feature of DropBox).


If it’s an iOS device it probably could download the video from the internet and play, the apple tv would stream from the internet.

If you added a local share from a device on your lan of what’s on your dropbox account you could stream from the local device but that would also double list everything in your library.

I’d say as long as your internet speed is sufficent I’d just stick with the streaming from dropbox over the internet when at home.

Just my two cents.

Thanks for the reply … yeah probably streaming from the internet is the way to go … just wondering if things could be co-ordinated locally … I have unlimited fibre so my up/download speeds are ridiculous


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