Drop frames when fullscreen on promotion Mac

Hi James,

I’m using MacBook Pro 14" (M1Pro) and Mac 12.2.
Since a while ago, I’ve noticed drop frames when on fullscreen but play fine without drop frames on window mode.
Checked the “frame per second” using istats menu and it matches my eyes.
I’ve tested all kind of video and frame rate (vp9 4k60, AV14K60, hevc4k60, hevc4k24), on 7.3.3 and 7.3.4, they all have frame drop when on fullscreen. 24fps video drop to ~21fps and 60fps video drops to ~40fps as seen on istats menu.
You can check the screen recording attached which shows frame drops once enter full screen mode.

In Conclusion,
Promotion on fullscreen - drop frames
promotion on window - no drop frames
48/60Hz on fullscreen - no drop frames
48/60Hz on window - no drop frames

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