Drop Box contains no Files


since yesterday I have problems with the mediaplayer 0.7.1. I have copied some avi and mkv files in my shared folder Drop Box. The problem is that no files showing up. It says no meta data available. It looks like that the mediaplayer doesn´t recognized the drop box as a folder. When i press the drop box it says " Playback Error, an error occured loading this content.

When I share a diffrent folder and copy the files in it, the files are showing up. When I go to the main menu the problem appears again with this folder. I have no idea what I have done because it work before. A new installation dindn´t help. I hope you can help me to fix the problem.



This is related to the nature of the ‘Drop Box’ folder. This folder allows anonymous users to copy (drop) files into the folder, but not actually view the contents of the folder.

Are you using a username/password to connect to your Mac, or are these fields being left blank?

No, I am not using a username and password. What can i do not to have this issue.