Droboshare Share Point on nitoTV?

As the last piece of this streaming puzzle, I’m trying to enable nitoTV to “see” my Droboshare for access to all my DVD titles, but am getting the following error message:

Network Mount Failed!

mount_smbfs: could not find mount
point /mnt/Scratch/Volumes/Drobo:
Socket is not connected

Configuration of the Mount Point is as follows:
Mount Name: Drobo Library
Mount Type: smb
Mount Address: (static IP address of droboshare)
Requires Authentication: yes
User Login: (matches Droboshare login)
Password: (matches Droboshare login)
Volume Path: Drobo (root folder on Drobo)
Auto Mount/Custom Path: off

Any ideas? Thanks!

thesame problem here, please help…

Same problem here, i need help too ...

You may try adjusting the Volume Path - based on that error the AppleTV is not able to find a drive/folder named 'Drobo'. 

What is the name of the Drobo 'drive' when connected through your computer? This is the name that should be used for the Volume Path.