Downmixing: how do you

…enable it?!
Sorry if this sounds stupid but how do I enable downmixing on ATV? I cannot find where to turn it on anywhere.

Settings, Audio, Downmix?

This is what I have there. I don’t see anything that looks like it should explicitly be turned on or off. Is this option always active now?
On a side note: shouldn’t this be activated from the the options of each file during playback?

Downmixing is enabled automatically when the Apple TV is connected to a device (like a TV) that has just 2 speakers, and does not support multichannel audio.

You can adjust the settings for how downmixing works, but there is no need to enable or disable downmixing itself, since this is all done automatically.

However, the Apple TV itself has a setting where you can force 2.0 stereo output if you want. This can be found in Apple TV > Settings > Video and Audio > Audio Format.

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Thank you for the explanation.
Right now my TV is outputting audio through the arc hdmi port to a 2.0 dac. In this instance is downmixing enabled in Infuse even if the ATV is not explicitly set to output 2.0?
Wouldn’t it make more sense to enable downmixing selectively on a file by file basis? Or at least, could someone help me understand why would the philosophy of having a global downmixing passthrough be better than choosing for yourself on a case by case basis?

Generally, there isn’t a need to manually change this setting.

With the Apple TV set to Auto, it will output the highest quality output it can, and only switch to 2.0 stereo when it detects the connected device does not support multichannel audio.

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Hi, @james ! I’m sorry, but I’m having strange results since downmixing has been introduced. I feel like sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… Is it too much to ask for an active / inactive status in the audio tab of videos (or maybe directly above the timeline) as well as a shortcut there to globally (or even locally) disable and enable this feature? Right now it’s also very difficult to troubleshoot since I have to navigate all the way to the settings page of the app and back to the video.
The first option will let me know if it is enabled for any specific video, and the second will save anyone a lot of time when stumbling on video files that give them enough cause to suspect downmixing is not giving optimal results.
I can also open separate threads for each of these if that would be more convenient…

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