Downloads pause after a while when switching to another application

I use infuse 5.3.1pro to download videos from an smb formatted nas to my ipad air 2. It works great when i keep infuse up. If i switch to another application, it will keep downloading for a minute or two, then it will post a ‘download paused’ message. Switching back to infuse will get the downloads resumed. Would prefer for all downloads to silently complete in the background. Posting an ‘all downloads complete’ message would be fine. Is this feasible?

Unfortunately Apple limits how long apps can run in the background in order to preserve battery life.

Since you’re on an iPad, what you can do is use Split Screen multitasking to keep Infuse open while you do other things. A bit more info on this can be found here. Use Multitasking on your iPad - Apple Support

This works just fine. Thank-you, James