Downloading Video Files in the Background

Is there a way to download video files in the background? The app pauses my downloads after a short amount of time of switching to another app. The ideal situation would be queue up a bunch of videos to download before I go to sleep, plug the iPad in to the charger, lock the device (turning the screen off), and have it download while I sleep.

The only thing I can figure out to download videos right now is leave the app open, plug it in to the charger, and leave the screen active all night. I worry that I’m shortening the life of the LEDs by leaving the screen active for that amount of time.

Thanks in advance.

iOS limits how long apps can run in the background, and Infuse will continue downloads for as long as it can before the system cuts us off.

Unfortunately there’s not a way around this limitation right now. Sorry.

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking that may be an iOS limitation. Hopefully, they’ll make changes to allow it in the future. I still love this app.

Can I get a status update on this? iOS 9 supports background updating…

Unfortunately, background updating still isn’t available for things like SMB or UPnP/DLNA. :frowning: