Downloading to device doesn’t work

I don’t really get how downloading works. I selected download unmatched. But that was too much. Soon cancelled it. It seems that also already downloaded episodes are deleted again. But I can’t really tell. There isn’t a downloaded indicator.
But then I downloaded 5 episodes to my iPhone. But the next morning they were all gone. I noticed because the episode didn’t play. And the download button was available.

Why is this so annoying?

So when you went to the Files tab there were no videos listed? Or were you trying to play from original video page?

I try to play them from the original video page off course. But I now see that there is a special place for offline files. Weird…
I think I need to bump this topic to the requests page, because it’s not logic.

If you are browsing via the Library (not directly via folders) and choose to download something the word ‘Synced’ will appear under the video title, and the remote copy will be hidden.

If you prefer to browse via folders, you will only see remote files…but your synced files will be listed in the top level of the Files tab.

I do not see the word synced anywhere but the files are there in the file section.

So, I tick download on an episode in the library. I see the progress going to 100%. Then there is nothing different. The download option is still visible in the menu. When I go to files I see the file with the word synchronised.
But it would make more sense if I could play the item in the library…

Can you post a few screenshots of what you are seeing?

Eventually, after downloading, going to files, activate the other display mode I found the word “synced”. I maybe spoiled with Netflix but this is the other end of the spectrum. It also seems that the viewed, offline episode doesn’t mark them seen in my library.
Isn’t it possible to use the library to link to an offline file? Who goes to files if you have a Plex library?
The images:

  1. I tick download.
  2. It’s downloading.
  3. It’s finished, but I see nowhere that it is offline. In the menu I can tick download again as if it never was downloaded.
  4. Nothing in files, except for the file.
  5. And there it’s ‘synchronised’…

Any news?