downloading software

I just paid for the software through paypal how do I download it now?B-)

You should have received an email with your links. Alternatively links can be found in your account under the Downloads tab.

There is no download under the download tab.

Sorry, please send us an email and we can fix your account links.

I am up and running now .  Thanks



I have the same problem. Yesterday, I paid for the software through paypal but there is no beta version in my account in the download-section?

I have the same issue… I paid with Paypal for both ATV1 and ATV2 and Paypal states the transaction is complete, but there is nothing to download yet. 

I have the same problem. TV Flash (for black box) bought at 12.02.2012 by paypal and no link. Two mails on contact, but no answer. Please send a link on my e-mail address.

Thank you

Reinhold Conrad


I also am having this issue, both, paying via paypal and not receiving what I paid for and the lack in customer support in getting it resolved.  Going on day 5