Downloading Apple TV Firmware 4.4.4 to roll back 5.1 on Apple TV2

I have 2 Apple TV2’s in my home, which I “updated” to 5.1 when that was released. Then, I found out about FireCore. 


Tonight, I found a download on Softpedia for previous firmware versions for the Apple TV2, and downloaded version 4.4.4. Can I actually “roll back” the firmware of my Apple TV 2’s by using this download? If so (I hope, I hope), how do I accomplish this?


Thank you so much.

I doubt that you can roll back from your description.

To be able to roll back to an earlier release you have to have kept the Signatures (blobs) for that particular Hardware/Software combination (i.e. the signatures are device and firmware release speicific).

Thanks for your response. I appreciate it!