Downloaded subtitles not showing with Infuse Pro 6.5.9

I just upgraded from Infuse 5 Pro to Infuse 6 Pro and my downloaded subtitles are not showing.
They are showing in version 5 so it might be something I am missing?
Both files are in the same folder, with the same name, extension .srt and shared with SMB.
Its the same issue with iOS, ipadOS and tvOS.

Can you view the share settings in Infuse 6 to confirm you are connecting via SMB?

Some protocols like UPnP/DLNA won’t support external subtitles, so it’s possible one of these may have been selected when setting up the share.

Yes its was added with UpnP/DNLA. I removed it and added with NFS and now it works.
Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

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