downloaded seasonpass. now what?

i downloaded seassonpass…plugged into the tv, got the firecore logo on the bottom right screen…now what? menue is still the same. should i have movie and music links,web browser on there?..i rebooted it a couple times but same menu shows up…do i have to download more things?

If you have just jailbroken your Apple TV2 via SeasonPass then that is all you should expect. The logo is a sign that the jailbreak succeeded.   SeasonPass is the (free) jailbreak tool that FireCore make available.

If you have bought the FireCore ATV Flash (black) software then you download that from your FireCore account and run the installer - this will create the FireCore related menu items on the ATV2.

If you have not bought the FireCore software then you will have to connect to your ATV2 via SSH and install free packages manually.  Instructions on how to do that can be found by googling for them.  Typically you would be looking to install things like XBMC, Plex, NitoTV.

Oh ok So if I buy the flash from them, I take it , it will be easier for me rather than going the other route