Download with direct URL from web sites that are password protected?

Does that work with web sites that are password protected?
Is it possible to pass the credentials through the URL in such fashion:

If the website has been “coded” to accept user credentials in the URL then there is no reason that wouldn’t work, but that’s down to the web-site and not Infuse.

Further, I wouldn’t in practice expect many web-sites to allow this, as it would be rather old-school web dev.

Sites are more likely to use different and more complex methods of authentication now.

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The website is Easynews, a Usenet provider.

I can do that with VLC but it doesn’t seem to work with inFuse.

I would expect a usenet provider to use nntp and not http, maybe that is the difference. Unless Easynews allows users to access news articles through a web front-end to their nntp service of course.

Easynews has a web front-end.

I’ve managed to fix my problem: it seemed that the embedding of username: password only worked with their links provided by their “Basic Search 2.0” interface.

Thanks for your replies.

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