Download while Lockscreen

Hey everyone,

I got this little hiccup, which may be connected with the way iOs handles things.
When I try to download files to my iPhone, and don’t touch the iPhone for 2 minutes, the lock screen will happen.
Then Infuse will display the message “download is paused” and will only continue downloading when I unlock the phone.

Is there a workaround for that (other than keeping the phone unlocked) ?

Thanks in advance,


iOS will limit how long Infuse can run in the background, but if you have Infuse open then it should prevent the device from sleeping.

Is your device going to sleep while Infuse is open? If so, which screen are you leaving it on when this happens?

I think the regular start screen. I did not pay attention, but it seems, I’d have to leave infuse open while loading.

Thanks for the reply