Download video flash

Hi all,
I have found a site from which I would like to download some children’s educational movies and I think they are on flash format.
You can reach the movies by this link:
I know there are program that let you register what is shown on the screen but I would’n like to use the pc during the registration and, assumed that there are 21 episodes and I use the pc for work…I would prefer to download them directly.
I have already tried whit some software like Flash, FlashFavorite, Flash Saver, HiDownload, Keepvid, Orbit Downloader, Realplayer, Sothink SWF quicker and SWF Decompyler, VLC.
I have tried too with firefox’s plugins like dowint.NET, Downloadhelper, Fast Video Download, Ook? Video Ook!, UnPlug or by Tools > Page Info > Media Tab but I obtained poor results: the best I obtained was to download the swf file in flash but nothing about the video.
Anyone of you has an idea about downloading these videos?
Thank you

I tried to download these videos (1 actually) using Tube TV --for Macs–and they turned out flash (.flv) --It’s an easy program to use–at which point you could use a conversion program like Max or ffmpegx to convert those files for PC use. That’s all if you use a Mac for just the download. Borrow someone’s is my suggestion.

Then, I go to search.
Meanwhile thanks.
Bye bye