Download video don't play offline

Is it a bug ore what. I downloaded a small video clip to my iPhone from my Server and often my phone cant play it. Next day I do the same and it work. Very random behaviour.

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Even though you are downloading this clip, it seems like you may still be attempting to stream it.

Once downloaded, you should see this video under the main Files tab. Playing it from there will allow you to use the downloaded version.

Right, there is 3 shortcuts to the video and one works offline. Then I request a downloaded tab in the app if it possible in future versions.

I find the sync tab and in this tab it plays fine.

— Edit —
But now the sync tab is gone :slight_smile:

I Never Again found the sync tab I wrote about above. The problem with the playlist is that it shows two versions of the same clip and one of them are offline. If you have many clips it will be messy. I.m going back to Plex again. It is much easier. Sync and play.

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