download old seas0npass software?

Where can I find a download link to previous seasonpass software versions? I am trying to jailbreak my Apple TV 5.02, but I cannot seem to get it to jailbreak with the latest version of Seas0npass. I was thinking that the software that jailbroke 5.02 untethered would be the way to go. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




right click on creat ipsw then select 5.0.2

Thanks for the reply. I already tried that, and I get an error message stating that my apple tv is not eligible for this version. I figured that the Seasonpass software that was released to do an untethered jailbreak should work. 


Seasonpass doesn’t determine the tether or untether, the ios version does. So, getting an older Seasonpass won’t help. If I recall, many people were having trouble with 5.02, just keep trying, possibly with different ports or cables.

OK. I will continue to try to get this to work. I will update as soon as I figure something out.


Thank you!