Download/Offline to iPad does not work for some files

Latelely, as in 5.7, I noticed that some files, most of my new files, does not download. I get the warning triangle when I try to download.Restarting download does not work. Other files works flawless on first attempt.

Is there something I need to be aware of?

And please, streamline your wording you mix Synch Download Delete etc.
-I suggest to use Synch/Unsynch for temporary copies on your mobile device.

Delete is to permanently delete the source, wether it is on a server or local device.

Hi, the same happens to me. Also, to remove from my iPad after seeing a movie, how should I do it? Thanks.

lso, to remove from my iPad after seeing a movie, how should I do it?

Left swipe on the entry should offer option to delete it from the iPad.

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From where? Should I remove the movies from the files tab? Won’t it remove the movies also from my source folder?

Exactly, this is what I find unclear.
I normally I do this in Flight mode just to be sure. I also only share my movies with read-only access, to avoid deletions of my source files.
You should “delete” the local copy in the Archive view if I understod correct.
But the wording would ideally be different than Delete, like Unsych or similar.

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Deleting files via the main ‘Files’ tab will remove the locally saved copy, and will not affect your streamed videos.

You can also prevent remote files from being deleting altogether by disabling the ‘File Management’ option found in Settings > General. This is disabled by default.

Will disable file management still allow offline synching of files?

Yes, the File Management option only affects the ability to delete remote files (we may actually rename this for clarity).

With it off, you can still download files, and delete synced files.

Perfect, I think this was different before…

What about the main issue, that some files doesn’t download/synch?

Can’t say for sure on that, but if you are able to send in a report and open a support ticket the next time this happens we can take a deeper look.