Download management

I just thought that the download management function could do with some improvement, it works but is a bit clunky. I was thinking in terms of allowing us to select multiple films or episodes to download at once, and a page showing us how the various downloads are going, where it’s up to and when it’s finished.

Sometimes when in a TV show, it’s hard to choose the next season so I can download some episodes from there too

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Just to add to this, the playback of downloaded files is clunky too. if you downloaded a show, then close up your iPad and open it on. train later, you can’t just press play because you’re on the page for the server which is offline. you need to go to the files section and play from there.

When infuse recognises that it has the show downloaded, it should offer an option to play the local version rather than making you back out and find the files…

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