Download lower quality automatically - for full seasons

I have a plex backed library, and for content that is unwatched, and up next in my library - i optimize it for faster downloads i.e) 4K → 1080p - etc.

In Infuse it correctly shows up as diffeerent versions of the same item i.e) Silo S1, Ep1 - when i download a single episode it asks me which version i want to download – which is great.

However when i download a whole season - it defaults too the higher quality item.

I have set the “Collections & Groups” to auto select the Lowest Quality automatically in the Infse settings – however that does not apply to downloaded items.


Have you tried setting the options to lowest quality?

yes - I tried that – it does not impact the behaviour for downloading full seasons of unwatched episodes – it still will choose either the highest quality - or the last watched quality for that specific episode.

Sounds like a bug to me.
Perhaps @james can provide some information on this topic?

Looks like it.

Any chance someone can confirm this is a bug , this would completely switch me to infuse !!

@james any idea on this one?

Anyone know what “Auto” even means in terms of this setting?

I’m guessing “What user played last, unplayed content being selected via the Highest Bitrate”.