Download InFuse? - Purchased in 2015 and now longer available for download?

Hi all,

I purchased Infuse in 2015 and have used it a handful of times; however, I’m resetting up the device for my child and noticed that Infuse is no longer listed in my “Purchase HIstory”.

According to Apple, Infuse was pulled and replaced with the current version?

So if I have purchased an older version of Infuse, how do I redownload it?



As Coolspot says, i also puchased Infuse 4 Pro version and since i got my new iphone7 i discovered that i have to pay for premium again? is not fair and also the old version of infuse 4 is not longer available! we should at least keep the features that we had in infuse4 coz im not intresting in the new ones.

Please respond !

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Pablo from Chile.

I was able to redownload it, but I had to use iTunes.

In iTunes 11 → App Store → Under the Quick Links on the left hand side of the App Store Home Page → Purchased

I then had to manually scroll through all the purchased items and find Infuse 4 Pro. The search field does not work.

Shouldn’t need to resort to iTunes … Should be able to do this from the App Store on your iOS device.

In the App Store, select the ‘Purchased’ tab and make sure you select the ‘Not on this iPad/iPhone’ option and then search through the list of apps until you find Infuse 4, then select it to re-install it.