Download fails often

It’s vacation time and I wanted to download a few movies and series, but the download stops regularly and needs to be restarted manually. I’m downloading over Wi-Fi 6 on a MacBook Pro M1 Pro and I have no networking issues except with Infuse.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. From all movies, select a first movie and Download from the menu.
  2. Whilst downloading is in progress, select one (or a few other) movies.


  • Movie 1 starts downloading then stops in the middle and has to be restarted manually
  • There is a complication that in All Movies view, there is no indication as to which movie was being downloaded and failed. One has to look at each of them in turn to find out
  • Sometimes, a download will stop several times for the same movie
  • Sometimes, Retry will produce no visible result (i.e. download won’t restart). In which case Infuse has to be closed and relaunched. Download will then restart automatically (but sometimes %Q won’t kill the process it seems)

Expected result:

  • Movie 1 should download up to end, and then switch to the next movie.

Could it be that there is no throttling and some buffer gets full?

I’m on 7.4.2.

Same problem with Series, but worse. A multi-episode series failed while starting to download the 2nd episode. But no there is no indication like for movies in the title bar to restart the download. And there is no progress indicator in the All Series view.

I tried pausing and restarting all episodes but to no avail. Eventually, I switched to the Finder.

Time to switch to the macOS File Provider extension?

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