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If you want to download TV show episodes for offline playback, you have to do it episode by episode. Would be nice if there was a way to download an entire season at once.

I’d like to add that there should be options to define how many episodes of unwatched content should remain on a device. This could mean, for example, that we’d define a policy that 10 episodes of unwatched content should be on the device at all times; whenever an episode is watched, Infuse will automatically purge the watched episodes and download the next unwatched episodes, if any remain. This policy should be activated while on wifi only.

I’d like to add that this should span the entire show, crossing seasons.

Just got a new iPad Pro and had to go through the annual pain of downloading one by one :smiley:

For now, if I need to download files from NAS(SMB) into infuse on iOS, I have to drill into the folder, and then download the files one by one. No way to do multi selection, also no way to directly download the complete folder. It’s pretty inconvienent, especially for TV series. Can we have folder download or multi selection download enabled for this app?

Yes please

This would be great

I have most of my stuff organized like this:

Show Name
Season 1
Season 2
Episode 1
Episode 2

It would are great to be able to have a download icon next to the directory name and have it download everything in subfolders. For example, clicking on the download icon next to the show name would download everything stored below it (ie. every season). Clicking on the icon in a season would download all episodes of that season only.

Being able to delete an entire season or an entire show with 1 click would also be great.

I have downloaded the new 6 version of Infuse today to check if multiple file download was added. The file download function in my current 4 version is really annoying. Unfortunately, this simple feature doesn’t exist yet and download of multiple episodes is better than in 4 version but still needs to be done file by file. Most probably I will continue to use my old Infuse software.

The first post in the suggestions area says that downloading a whole season is planned to be a 6.0.5 feature so it is probably going to appear in a few weeks time.

Any update on this? Just downloaded 6.0.7 and I don’t see a feature to download an entire folder or series/season.

You can follow the status on planned feature development here Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

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This has been added in the 6.1 update, which we’re submitting to Apple this week. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for adding this feature. Infuse keeps getting better and better. If I understand the current implementation, I have to mark a share as a favourite and then click on that favourite, three buttons, download all episodes. Normally the way that I add files is by clicking add files and then looking at my saved shares. I browse to the show folder and then season folder. I then click on the down arrow on each individual file. It would be great if within a folder there would be a download all option on this screen as well. Not sure if that would be possible? Thanks.

Thanks! It’s been a long time coming ?

Geeze but now we have no way to pause or cancel a massive queue of downloads. Once you start downloading a season of 30 individual episodes it just fills up the files screen and you need to try tap and stop each one. Disaster. We need to add a downloads screen like nPlayer has. I wish you guys looked at the features and control nPlayer offers, then just mimic and give your own clean design style. I often grab five seasons of a show as I race out the door. I don’t need my files screen filled with crud and continuing to burn through my cellular data downloading over my VPN.

You can view a list of in-progress and queued downloads by navigating to Settings > Add Files > Downloads.

No way to batch select-all/pause/cancel them. Please add that! :slight_smile:

Also I notice that locally downloaded videos in the Files screen, tv seasons aren’t organised into a folder by the show name. Cheers!

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