Downgrading/restoring to previous firmware versions with Seas0npass

UPDATE:  I’ve written a complete ‘how to’ covering this subject:

Please see that thread for full details on the procedure to restore a previous AppleTV version using Seas0npass.



  My first time on this forum as i’ve never had any problems with jailbreaking before; but i’m a seasoned jailbreaker since iPhone 3 days :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, my AppleTV2 crapped out a few days ago and i’m having some serious issues trying to get it working again.  It was running 4.4.4 very nicely, and i’d like to get back to that version if I can because the Plex client for the AppleTV doesn’t integrate well with the new UI in the 5.0+ versions (as I discovered once I tried the 5.0.2 version).


The problem i’m having is that Seas0npass is insisting that:

  This Apple TV is not eligible for this version.

When I right click the “Create IPSW” button and select the 4.4.4 firmware version from the list.


I’m using the latest version of Seas0npass, and I have EVERY SHSH blob version saved through Tiny Umbrella, so I expected the “SHSH stitching” magic of that latest version to allow me to downgrade the AppleTV back to the 4.4.4 version I want.  But, Seas0npass isn’t having any of it :frowning:


Where does Seas0npass ‘look’ for the SHSH blobs?  I have Tiny Umbrella configured to save the blobs in a different location than default (ie, not in the .shsh directory in my home dir).  But, I have copied the complete contents of my alternative directory to .shsh in an attempt to get this to work, but it still fails.


Does Seas0npass only use the SHSH blobs if they are saved to the Cydia servers?  I do not add my blobs to the Cydia servers any more (I read a while ago that Cydia stopped accepting new blobs, so turned the option off), so is this why it’s failing to allow the 4.4.4 IPSW to be built with the “not eligible” error?


All I want is a way to restore to 4.4.4 with my saved SHSH blobs… any advice here would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:





Surely someone knows where Seas0npass looks for the SHSH blobs when you try to create an IPSW for older firmwares…?


BTW, I do not (and will never) have Windows in order to do any iFaith trickery… I thought Seas0npass was supposed to directly support what i’m trying to do here, but why isn’t it working?  Does SP only work with iFaith blobs (which would seem quite short sighted IMO…) and not the ones from TU?




most would tell you the location on a windows machine.

whatever would be the equivelent of my documents on your OS.


Thanks for your reply.  But Seas0npass DOESNT just run on Windows… and thus has a completely different set of ‘default’ locations for things in OS X, just as other applications do.


For example, the default place for TU to place the SHSH blobs is .shsh in your home directory - where would that be on the Windows version?


My point is that one of the devs should be able to tell me where and how SP is ‘looking’ for the SHSH blobs in the OS X version.  Unless I know that, and if SP requires iFaith or TU formatted blobs, I can’t make this work.


I thought it was a simple question for any competent dev…

If you had used iFaith to dump and save your blobs you could have saved them in a folder on your desktop or anywhere on your system.

I know thats not much help but i have no problem downgrading with my 4.4.4 blobs saved by iFaith from a folder on my desktop. Another option is atv flash black which i use on all my ATV2’s. $30 US but worth every dime 8)

it appears that the windows version i dont have mac looks for the blobs online.

it will not see ifaith blobs only cydia blobstiny umbrella.

so i came to the conclusion, that it doesnt look for the local blobs only remotely saved to cydia.


someone correct me if im wrong.



I don’t wish to appear rude, but seriously; what is the point in telling me I should have used iFaith on an operating system that I don’t even own?

You may as well have said, you should have used dog-food to save the blobs to your cat - since I don’t own either of those things either.

I do not need to know how things work in Windows.  I need to know the way SP works in the operating system that i’m actually using.


Please, for the love of $DEITY, will people in this forum stop assuming we are all sheep and running an insecure, unstable PoS OS? :slight_smile:


Thank you for a more helpful answer :slight_smile:


How have you determined that SP talks to the Cydia servers in order to see if you have blobs saved?  There is no documentation that i’ve found saying it does this.


And since I HAVE been saving my blobs using Tiny Umbrella, why can’t the OS X version of SP use them?  I have not been saving my blobs to Cydia servers (as I mentioned in my original post); but if there is a way to add them now, I will happily do so to get this to work.


I understand that the devs are not paid to support jailbreaking and probably do this in their spare time - I donate my time to the Linux and Open Source community, so I know how it works… but there needs to be better support for simple questions like this.  If the devs are unwilling to spend time answering simple questions about their software, at least release the source so I can get the answers myself!

I’m in the exact same situation, have a dysfunctional jailbroken ATV2 on 4.3 that I would like to reflash with a freshly jailbroken 4.3 firmware… blobs saved with tinyUmbrella on a Mac, and can’t create a custom IPSW with Seasonpass.


  I figured out how to achieve this, and it should work for any firmware version for which you have saved blobs, and will work with Tiny Umbrella and iFaith saved blobs.


Seas0npass on the Mac will ONLY get the blobs from Cydia servers (bit short sighted if you ask me, but the developers must be Windows users), so the issue is getting your saved blobs into Cydia.  Whether the blobs are saved in iFaith or TU shouldn’t make a difference.


You’ll need to get a copy of Redsn0w in order to add the blobs to the Cydia servers.  Once you run it, go into the ‘Extras’ option, select ‘SHSH Blobs’, then ‘Submit’.  You’ll be prompted to select the blobs you want to upload to Cydia from a normal file selection dialog (you can select multiple files in the usual operating system specific manner, so you don’t have to add every single blob individually).


For TU on the Mac (which is what I use), the default location for your blobs is in a ‘hidden’ directory in your user directory (~/.shsh) - you won’t see this directory on the file list (since it’s hidden).  To get to it, you need to hit ⌘+Shift+G then type the full path to open: ~/.shsh (that is: tilda forward-slash period shsh) into the ‘Go to the folder’ pop up, then hit enter.  If you’ve changed the location for TU to save the blobs (as I did), then you can simply navigate to that location in the file list window.  Once you have the blob files showing, just select the ones to send to Cydia - it won’t hurt if you just select them all, even if Cydia already has them.


I can’t offer any advice for iFaith saved blobs, since it runs on Windows - but I assume iFath saved the blobs somewhere that you can find them and select them.


Let Redsh0w do it’s thing, and it’ll give you a report at the end (probably via several pop ups if you have a lot of blobs to submit).  If Cydia accepts your blobs for the firmware version you want to restore to, you’re golden - you can close Redsn0w and use Seas0npass to restore to a specific version, where it will query Cydia for your blob automatically.

If Cydia doesn’t accept the blob for your version, you’re probably stuffed; but I can’t really help there, sorry.


I’ve used this method to restore to 4.4.4 on my ATV2, and it works without any problems - so if you have blobs for 4.4.4, you may as well go to that version rather than 4.3 (unless you have a specific need for that ver).


Hope that helps - let me know if you hit any problems and i’ll try to help :slight_smile:



I’ll try this tonight after work and will report back.



just FYI


ifaith blobs are saved to a user specified directory after it extracts them.

windows users your best friend to stitch ifaith blobs is make ipsw is IFAITH or redsn0w!


Mac users in order to make you blobs stiched, use redsn0w.



note: you must have your locally saved blobs in ordrer for your TinyUmbrella blobs to be used, incase you were unabel to save them to cydia server.






Please ignore the above post, he clearly has no idea what he’s talking about.


Firstly, you do not need to use iFaith or Redsn0w on either Windows or Mac to create firmware for the AppleTV FOR ANY VERSION WHICH YOU HAVE BLOBS FOR - Seas0npass does this for you in the latest versions.


The ONLY reason you will need Redsn0w is if your blobs were NOT submitted to Cydia servers when you collected them.  The only thing Redsn0w is used for is to submit the blobs from either Tiny Umbrella (on the Mac) or iFaith (or Tiny Umbrella) on Windows to Cydia, should that have not happened during the shsh gathering process.

The posters “note” about having blobs locally saved is also utter tosh - especially with the Mac version of Seas0npass.  You MUST have your blobs saved to Cydia servers in order for the Mac version of Seas0npass to use them. Period. Not up for debate. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200.


The only helpful item provided was the part about iFaith allowing you to save blobs to a location of your choice.  Since that is the case, you will know where they are stored and you can use Redsn0w on Windows (and this is only relevant for Windows) to submit the blobs to Cydia.


sigh It pains me to see unhelpful comments tacked onto useful threads by people trying to up their post count.


If you have any problems or questions about my original method of getting this working, do not hesitate to post them here :slight_smile:



I’m sorry, I guess I should of been a bit more CLEAR… “stitching” means taking blobs and including them in the ipsw, since seas0npass does this for you automatically, i guess I considered this as part of the program function and not someone actually doing it manually.



Secondly, i guess you didnt read this line.


Ifaith does not save to Cydia. It is a different file format altogether.

But Ifaith does have its own cache server.