Downgrading from aTV Flash (Black) 2.2 to 2.1 - Mac solution

Perhaps you’ve been hit with the same problem as I did.  I upgraded aTV Flash to v. 2.2 but then discovered that XBMC is completely incompatible (the sole reason I jailbroke the thing in the first place).  So I re-jailbroke using Seas0nPass 5.0.2 thinking I could simply reload the previous version of aTV Flash 2.1 only to find that it won’t install because it recognises that there’s a newer version available.  

I’ve had a support ticket with Firecore for 3 days now asking for help but haven’t heard a peep from them.  So I though I would share the solution for the Mac at least.  I’m sure the basic principle would work with PC versions though I can’t vouch for it.  

Download a copy of aTV Flash 2.1 by Googling it.  It looks like Firecore aren’t too keen to be releasing previous versions.  Locate the the .dmg file and double click to expand it.  When the install window opens, right click on the aTV Flash (black) folder and copy it to a new location - perhaps your desktop. Right click on the new aTV Flash (black) folder and select Show Package Contents.  Expand the Contents folder - then expand the Plugins folder and locate the file VersionCheckPlugin.bundle.  Delete this file and empty your recycle bin.  

When I did this, I also changed the system date on the Mac to 20th Dec 2012 and rebooted and then disconnected internet connection before proceeding… I’m not sure if this is strictly necessary but the whole thing worked for me this way.

Now run the aTV Flash icon from your copy - and that should be all that’s required.  


You no longer need to downgrade if it is XBMC that is what you want.

The XBMC folks released a 5.2 compatible version yesterday and that now appears in the ATV Flash Maintenance app under the Manage Extras option.