Downgrading from Apple TV 6.0


Am I correct in understanding that once an Apple TV (gen 2) has been upgraded to verion 6.0, it cannot be flashed to a previous release unless the signatures were saved before it was upgraded to version 6?


Not wuite ture.  You can still go to the 5.3 tethered jailbreak as Apple is still signing the 5.3 release therefore you do not need blobs for that release.  However how long Apple will continue to sign that release is not clear.

Thanks, so there’s no way back to an untethered jailbreak at this time, correct?

Correct, but there is some speculation that a new untethered jailbreak is on the horizon.

Speculation confirmed. :slight_smile:

so now I can downgrade it from whatever firmware to 5.3 and now have it untethered? 


So how does one downgrade from 6.x to 5.3?? Can you please post a link or steps to do this?

To downgrade, simply run the latest version of Seas0nPass and it will take care of the rest.