Downgrading Apple TV

is there any way to downgrade apple tv i had no choice but to restore it as it had malfunctioned and had plug into itunes to restore

If you run the latest SeasonPass then it will install a jailbroken 5.3 firmware regardless of what release is currently installed.

I tried that unless I am doing it wrong it keeps telling me it can’t connect to a server of some sorts

I sometimes have issues when itunes is still active, so I always make sure that I have itunes NOT running, and also iTunes helper not running. Thats on a Mac, no clue how it works on Windows. Only after itunes has been kicked out do i do seasonpass.

The recommended procedure is not to have power connected, but I have found at times (most times, really) that I need to power it up with the mains before I can do anything with it. I usually unplug it after its powered on, but sometimes I forget. It doesnt seem to make any difference to the end result. So you might want to check whether its getting any power from the computer. For some reason, there are circumstances in which it fails. This will always give a cant connect or cant see it error.

Downgrade what???

Your ios??

Have you upgraded to 6.2.1??