Downgraded from 5.3 to 5.2..........

And i have no clue on why i could do that.

One day i had to boot it Tehteret again after power loss. Opened up seasonpass and i could not press the boot button. it said that i had a 5.2 version, but i know for sure that i was 5.3 Then i just tried to jailbreak it with 5.2 but got an 1602 error, connected it to my tv anyway and boom there it was 5.2 ver and untehtered.

But again i have absolutely no clue why it worked.

This is just for info if it could help anybody.

it’s because who ever you bought it from had it jail broken at some point and updated it before they sold it to you

Well funny Thing is that i have been the only owner. Have had it jailbroken with 5.2 but never saved bloobs. But now just happy that it works.

The jail breaking process itself saves blobs for the release being installed I believe (at least if done with A recent SeasonPass release).