Downgrade to Version 6


Is it possible to downgrade from Version 7 to Version 6?



I’d be interested in this too. Honestly Infuse 6 left me wanting for nothing, but being on a subscription plan I see no way to downgrade back to 6 without having to purchase again.

The only way to revert to V6 is to purchase the Infuse Pro 6 stand alone app from the app store. The subscription version of V6 no longer exists since it has been updated to V7.

I’ve seen in other threads and in the upcoming releases post where there are some tweaks and fixes coming very soon for V7 so I’d choose to stick it out and see what the next group of releases address. :grin:

Thanks for the replies.
At the Moment i dont see any bugs but the view of the informations from a Movie was better in V6.
I dont understand why we should scroll down now to See the informations of a Movie.
Everything was good how it was.

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You may want to keep an eye out.
This may address some of your thoughts.

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