Downgrade to 5.2

The jailbreak for 5.3 has completely hosed both my video streaming from itunes and iTunes match.  All I keep seeing is can not connect to iTunes try later. 

I want to downgrade back to 5.2. I do not have an old copy of Seas0npass 0.9.3 and Google is not being helpful finding an older version. Is there a way to downgrade using the current version or can anyone point me in the correct direction? 

Its nice to be on a more current firmware. If nothing workds the way its supposed to, then what’s the point. I have to go backwards to enjoy streaming on my device again.

And I found the answer on how to downgrade using the current version. Didn’t know about the two finger click on create IPSW menu. Downgrade is in progress…

You’re not the only one, sadly. This is a huge joke, let me know how it goes.

I forget, where do you get the previous IPSW?

Seas0npass downloaded the 5.2 IPSW automatically. All I did was delete the Tethered directory that was created in the Document directory. Then I two finger clicked on create custom IPSW and then clicked on the 5.2 firmware and everything was automatic. Only stopping point was after the customer IPSW was created, I had to put the unit in DFU mode.