Downgrade from Infuse 5 back to Infuse 4 Pro


I update my iPhone to Infuse 5 after i paid for Infuse 4 Pro, but after the update i had to pay again for the Pro version.

I want to downgrade my iPhone back to Infusion Pro4 version !!! How to do that ?

I will not upgrade my other devices , so i want on my iPhone also Infusion Pro 4 back!

Just remove v5 and then reinstall v4. Both version show up separately on the App Store.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah, well this won’t last long because the dev announced that on the 21/12, they’re pulling previous Pro versions off the App Store. Which means we’re getting f*cked over.

This is not true. Removing it from sale only stops new purchases and automatic updates.

you are right! thanks u so much!