Downgrade firmware to 4.0

I've been trying to find a download for the original 4.0 firmware for the Apple TV, does anyone know of a link. I assume with the original firmware we can downgrade and then apply the aTVFlash Beta to check it out until the new jailbreak is ready. Ok, so I'm inpatient!

sorry, you cannot downgrade to 4.0 once you are on 4.1 you need to wait for an new jailbreak tool, and a new beta of fire core. sorry.

If you have saved your SHSH with tinyumbrella ( you can downgrade.

Save your SHSH now, Apple let you to save the original SHSH (I don't know when they switch off the 4.1 SHSH).


After that download here the Apple TV 2G firmware and restore with iTunes to the downloaded FW 

I’m waiting for both also…it will be here soon…worth the wait! :wink: