Downgrade 5.02 to 4.3 I have my BLOBS

I had to restore my ATV2 (4.3) using SeasonPass because the video stopped working after I did updates using Nito TV.  I had already used iFaith to get my BLOBS, and have a good IPSW.  I fully restored to 4.3 at that time, but unfortunately when I went to do the jailbreak with SeasonPass I didn’t right click and instead simply clicked the button.  It downloaded and did the jailbreak using 5.02.  I did not want to upgrade, but was overzealous.

I use XBMC, and although it works in 5.02, it is recommended to use 4.3 due to resource availability.  I cannot seem to downgrade using iTunes, I get error 1600, and have tried different USB ports and cables to no avail.

Is it possible for me to downgrade or am I stuck?  I thought since I had my BLOBS I’d be good to go if I upgraded and wanted to back down again.  Can I just use iFaith to restore it?  I tried TinyUmbrella, but it doesn’t seem to be reading the ATV or I’m doing it wrong.

Any help is appreciated.



this is what you need:




just change the 4.4.4 to the 4.3 and you are good to go


Like a charm!  Thanks for the help!