Downgrad from 5.0 to 4.X


i have two ATV 2.

1th with ATV Version 4.x

2nd with ATV Version 5.0 (4099) (It is new so i have no backups)

Is it possible to downgrade the 2nd ATV2 with the firmware of the 1th ATV2 ?






You can follow the articles on the forum here to downgrade to 4.4.2 which is a tethered jailbreak but that is about it.

If this is new and came with 5.0, are you sure that is not the ATV3 that Apple has been selling since mid March? They look the same from the outside, but the ATV3 is 1080p compatible while the ATV2 was only 720p compatible.

The difference matters as there is no jailbreak available for the ATV3, and no definite signs of one appearing in the near future.

I of course would like to go for an untethered jb.

So it seems the requested jb is not possible.

It is not possible to use the saved firmware of my 1th ATV2 on my 2nd ATV2 as Apple will not sign old firmwares.





Doesn’t work like that unfortunately. I cant seem to figure out why the 4.4.2 thethered jailbreak will work with other SHSH blobs but not an untethered 4.4.4.


Blobs are unique per iDevice, no sharing